About us

Hello! We are Sam and Bailey Chenoweth, founders and owners of Chenoweth Creative! We have been married for 5 (almost 6!) years, and have two children, Josie & Sawyer, who you will likely hear us talk about more than we probably should... We started this business back in 2017 with the intentions that it would be a side business, and we would do this for our family & friends when we felt like it.

Bailey was interested in learning about photography & Sam had experience already in both photography as well as videography. Sam was the one behind the camera & Bailey was the one behind everything else up until 2021. After almost 3 years of second shooting we decided to let Bailey take over behind the camera to give Sam some room to focus on himself, his career, and his family! It is now 2023 and our business is a full time job. Whether we are shooting, editing, responding to clients, working on our website or doing zoom meetings, our life is Chenoweth Creative nowadays! We love what we do, and while it can be absolutely chaotic, we have the BEST clients who continue to show us grace, patience, and respect.

We have experience and specialize in family sessions, weddings, events, newborn sessions, senior portraits, couples sessions, headshots, product photography, and really anything else you can think of! We do a mix of all of these for the most part, and are so excited that you may be considering us for one of these. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out by filling out our contact form or you can contact us directly at chenowethcreative@gmail.com or be sure to check out our FAQ tab to see if we answer your question there! We appreciate you & hope to hear from you soon!

You are welcome to check out our client galleries to view full weddings, full family sessions, etc!!